Frequently Asked Questions



When will we “shut down” again?

We currently do not have any plans to shut down, but are preparing for any possibility.

Do I have to wear a mask?

On July 3, the Jackson Madison County Regional Health Department issued Executive Order 4 requiring mask wearing in all businesses, organizations or venues open to the public in Madison County. This applies to employees and members of the public. Children under 2 are exempt.

Read more FAQs about masks requirements from the Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department

All city employees are required to wear a face mask at work. The requirement is also for all visitor entering any municipal building including Farmers’ Market vendors and patrons.

Does the mask mandate apply to daycares?

The mandate does not apply to childcare facilities.

Does the mask mandate apply to factories not open to the public?

No, the Madison County mandate only applies to businesses open to the public. They already have their own set of guidelines.

Do I have to wear a mask at the gym while exercising?

No. Wear your make while entering and exiting the facility. Gyms should have equipment spaced at least 6 feet apart.

Are masks required at wedding venues?

Yes. Guests must wear masks at the ceremony and reception if held at a public venue. The bride and groom are not required to wear masks during the ceremony.

Who should I call if someone isn’t wearing a mask?

Call the Jackson Madison County public information line at 731.240.1771 to report a complaint. Please do not call 911 or dispatch offices for first responders.

Does the mask mandate apply to medical or dental offices?

No. Medical and dental offices have their own set of guidelines from CDC and OSHA.

Will the City of Jackson have an AMP season?

No. The 2020 amp season has been cancelled.

What phase of the reopening plan are we in?

Six counties with local health departments have been allowed to make their own decisions regarding reopening. Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department has followed along with the Governor’s Executive Orders 30, 33 and 35. More info can be found in the economic recovery section of this website.

What is the plan for school to re-open?

Information for public schools can be found on the Jackson Madison County School System website. Further questions can be directed to JMCSS central office at 731-664-2500 or

Where can I find more info about my business operating safely during COVID-19?

The State of Tennessee Tennessee Pledge guidelines can be found here.

What are the guidelines for the sportsplex?

Guidelines for the sportsplex can be viewed here.

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